Climate Change: Can We Save Our Earth?

Climate change – which we can describe as the change of this Earth. Our Earth, which is going through many changes, is standing at such a point where we humans (who are the main factors of this change in reality) need to take massive steps.

In this article, we discuss what climate change is? What are the causes and effects of climate change as well? Will know this too. Along with this, we will also look into the need to understand our duties towards this Earth.

Climate change

What is climate change?

First of all, we need to understand climate change properly. You must have also felt the change in weather since you were young. Conditions like heat in the winter season, irregular rainfall, increase in temperature according to the season, drought, or famine must have taken you by surprise. is the increasing danger of water change. If the change is not stopped now, perhaps we will endanger the lives of future generations. Let’s understand climate change in the right way.

Is it normal for nature to change? This nature also progresses in a balanced way only due to continuous change, but in this change of nature, an imbalance has been created due to human intervention dangerously, like an unbalanced increase in temperature resulting from human actions. The condition and direction of climate are changing due to human and some natural activities. In recent years and decades, many heat records have been broken and increased flood risk due to excess rainfall.

Admittedly, due to industrial development, human life has completely changed, but we have ignored the dangers associated with industrial development, and due to all these reasons, the climate is changing, which is being termed climate change. 

The negative changes in the climate will be fatal for the organisms living in nature. Governments are becoming aware of the dangers associated with climate change, and people also need to be warned about the dangers associated with climate change. 


Of climate change, The causes of climate change can be mainly divided into two categories.

  1. Natural 
  2. human 

The natural causes of climate change are volcanoes, ocean currents, separation of continents, etc., while human causes include deforestation, pollution caused by industrial development, more use of fossil fuels and other sources etc.

due to climate change in Naturally

  • Volcanic Activity Due to Climate Change: – One of the natural reasons for climate change is the activity of volcanoes because a large amount of sulfur dioxide, water vapor, dust particles and ash particles spread in the atmosphere from the volcano. Although the volcano’s activity can be only for a few days, the gasses and ash released in large quantities are responsible for climate change.
  • Ocean Currents- Oceans play an important role in climate change. They absorb twice the temperature compared to the atmosphere or the ground surface. Ocean current is responsible for the transfer of temperature around. Because of these, the temperature is affected by changing the direction of the winds. An important part of the greenhouse gas that absorbs temperature is ocean water vapor, which absorbs temperature in the atmosphere.
  • Methane gas reserves: The greenhouse gas methane in the form of methane hydrate in the deep depths under the ice of the Arctic Ocean remains in the form of hydrate at specific temperatures and pressure. Upon the change in temperature and pressure, this methane is liberated and incorporated into the atmosphere. Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gasses, warming the Earth much more than carbon dioxide in its gaseous form.

due to climate change in human form

  • : – Man takes many benefits by cutting forests. The wood obtained by it is used to make its goods, cook food by burning it, build houses, etc. After the forest is cleared, he takes possession of that place and starts using it for farming or building a house. Trees are very important to keep the air pure. Apart from this, trees are also very useful, and it is necessary to save them to prevent climate change.
  • Pollution caused by industrial development: – Industrial development has revolutionized human life, but you know that factories are considered the most polluting because living around them also makes breathing difficult. Apart from this, vehicles are taken among the polluters. All of these contribute to the spread of air pollution. Apart from this, there are many such examples which become the cause of air pollution. Air pollution increases the heat, and due to the increase in heat, the climate also changes.
  • Excess use of fossil fuels and other sources: – Due to the excessive use of fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel, or any other type of fuel, many greenhouse gasses are being released into the atmosphere. It is called emission in scientific language. At the same time, we are cutting down the forests which used to absorb these gasses rapidly, due to which these gasses are increasing rapidly in the atmosphere. As a result, the balance of energy that used to be created is deteriorating, and the atmosphere is heating up faster.

Effects of Climate Change

Climate change will result in a significant increase in rainfall in the monsoon regions of the world, creating problems like floods, landslides and land erosion. Water quality will decline. There will be serious impacts on the supply of clean water.

Due to the melting of polar ice due to climate change, the world’s average sea level will rise from 9 to 88 cm by the 21st century. It is expected to increase to more than half of the world’s population, 60 km from the sea. Distance will have the opposite effect.

Due to an increase in the frequency of natural calamities like floods, droughts and storms due to climate change, there will be a decline in food grain production. A decrease in local food production will lead to starvation and malnutrition with long-term health effects. The scarcity of food and water will create conflicts in the affected areas.

Due to warming in the climate, there will be an increase in fire incidence in tropical forests. As a result, there will be a loss of biodiversity due to the destruction of forests.

As a result of climate change, there will be an increase in microbes, but their new species will also arise, which will harm the productivity of crops. There will be an increase in the rate of use of pesticides to protect crops from pests and pathogens, which will pollute the environment and harm human health.

Climate Change Measures

Because of the ill effects of climate change, the biggest need of the hour is to stop the emission of gasses responsible for the greenhouse effect so that we can effectively control global warming.

At the same time, to control climate change, all countries need to invest in measures together and move towards building green jobs green economy. All countries have to work sincerely to preserve life on Earth, keep it healthy, and deal with the dangers of global warming. No country can tackle the threat of global warming alone.

What can you do on a personal level?

The government needs to make big policy changes at its level, but as responsible citizens, we can also be a part of this effort at our level. Our small efforts can prove useful in controlling climate change. example

  • Can reduce the use of vehicles running on fuel.
  • We can keep the water sources around us clean, like rivers and ponds.
  • It has become imperative for us to take such small steps to stop climate change by planting trees around us.

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