7 benefits available with Kisan Credit Card

The Government of India is implementing various schemes for the farmers, one of which is the Kisan Credit Card Scheme.

credit card receiving limit

Under this scheme, farmers can get a credit card limit of up to 1.6 lakhs with any mortgage.


You can use this card for agricultural purchases, from which you will get a discount on the cost of the goods, that is, you can buy more at a lower price.


Can be used for agricultural purchases

There is no time limit to repay the amount used by Kisan Credit Card. The farmer can return the money as per his convenience within 3 to 5 years.


No fixed time limit for repayment of loan

The credit card holder also gets insurance from the government, ie the cardholder's family gets financial assistance.

free insurance for cardholders


Kisan Credit Cardholders can use the card for agricultural work and personal financial difficulties.

Personal financial assistance with farm work


The cardholder can also use the Kisan Credit Card to invest in business related to agriculture

also for agriculture related business


Payment of Kisan Credit Card is very easy like, with Kisan Credit Card we can withdraw money from ATM or pay directly

easy to withdraw


These were the 7 important benefits of the Kisan Credit Card. To know the complete process of the Kisan Credit Card, you can visit our page.