BCA का semister-wise syllabus जाने

SEMISTER 1 st  ------------- 1)Fundamentals of IT & Computers 2)Digital Electronics 3)Basic Mathematics 4)English Communication 5)C Language Lab

SEMISTER 2 nd  ----------- 1)Operating Systems and Fundamentals 2)Organisational Behaviour 3)C Language Advanced Concepts 4)Advanced Mathematics 5)Advanced C Programming Lab

SEMISTER 3 rd  ----------- 1)Database Management Systems 2)Open Source Technology 3)Software Engineering 4)Web-Based Applications 5)DBMS and Web Technology Lab

SEMISTER 4 th ----------- 1)Web Designing 2)Data Structures 3Introduction to Linux 4)Object-Oriented Programming 5)Elective

SEMISTER 5 th ----------- 1)Software Engineering – II 2)Java Programming 3)Python Language 4)eCommerce and Marketing 5)Elective 6)Advanced Java and Python Lab

SEMISTER 6 th ----------- 1)Artificial Intelligence 2)Information Security 3)Application Development 4)Elective 5)Project/Dissertation

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